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Lease high ranking domains to dramatically increase your internet presence

Generic domain names that emphasise products and services and are keyword rich to a particular niche are available to lease through Lease Your Domain. These websites and domains are high ranking, brandable and memorable, instantly improving your internet coverage. You can lease any number of domains to take advantage of the existing traffic and the high generic and search engine rankings. This enables you to have more than one website, capturing more clientele and securing business over your competitors.

Generic Domains

In the same way that property is leased on a high street or in a shopping centre so are generic domain names. Leasing your domain is a very cost effective way to strengthen your business by increasing your internet search-ability and presence: clients will find you faster and more often. The domains can be used totally independently or simply re-directed to your company website. Many businesses realise that gaining access to a portfolio of domains that are relative to their sector is a very cost effective way to increase internet enquires and revenue.

Typical Lease

A typical lease will run for 2-3 years, with a right of renewal for the lessee written into the contract, any increases in the lease amount will be capped and also detailed in the contract.  Domains can be used for any purpose (except for illegal, racist, copyrighted, etc. material, full details are shown in the contract) A lease contract is signed by both parties prior to handover then the name servers are redirected to your hosting company. Lease Your Domain retains full ownership of the domain.

Niche Domination

In order to increase your business, leasing a domain will help you to dominate the niche you are working in by providing more ways for clients and customers to find you. We have a number of sites in niches such as carbon neutral building, schedule of work, tenders documents, rental europe and holiday away. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.